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Designed to make a feature of the historical character of your building, tuckpointing is a finishing process that occurs after the replacement of mortar or restoration of bricks whereby contrasting colours—often black or white—are used in the mortar joints to breathe new life into your bricks. The result is highly aesthetic, providing definition and adding another layer of protection and preservation to your brickwork.

The main areas enhanced by tuckpointing are the chimney and exterior bricks. In the first instance, tuckpointing your chimney helps to prevent water damage by ensuring there is no corrosion of the mortar joints. In contrast, if you were to opt for a complete chimney rebuild, the costs associated would be far greater, making tuckpointing not only an aesthetically pleasing solution, but also a more affordable one.

When it comes to tuckpointing your exterior bricks, the first step involves deep cleaning each brick before applying two mortars—the first which matches the brick colour helps to conceal any abnormalities and provide the impression of uniformity, while the second layer enhances the aesthetic beauty of your building. Whether white or black, this thin line of mortar gives a stunning finish, increases the value of your property and further protects and preserves the life of your brickwork.

Historically, the art of tuckpointing originated in England during the late eighteenth century—and requires a level of proficiency and attention to detail that Brick Point Solutions is able to tailor to your specific needs. 

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