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Stone Pointing 2024-03-09T10:59:52+11:00


Similar to tuckpointing, stone pointing is the process of restoring the stone work of your home to its original glory—and if you’re based in Sydney, you will often see historic homes and buildings in need of care and repair. This is because the exterior stone work, bricks and masonry are directly subject to the damage and erosion caused by time, wear, tear and weather. The Sydney climate also exacerbates the appearance of discoloured stone or damaged mortar as there are a number of forms of fungi that can contribute to this issue.

As with our tuckpointing expertise, Brick Point Solutions has developed a specialist custom stone pointing process that ensures optimal results. The first step is to complete an in depth and thorough assessment of the building exterior to help determine the best approach that will preserve and restore the historic aesthetic of the property. The stone pointing process then consists of the mortar between the stone work being carefully replaced with a custom solution developed by Brick Point Solutions. Again, to help maintain the integrity of the building, we strive to use a formula that is as representative of the original mortar as possible.

Given the complexity of stone pointing, it’s essential to engage with experts such as Brick Point Solutions who have spent years perfecting their own techniques and are able to provide the attention to detail necessary at every step of the process.

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