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Lintel & Arch Bar Repair 2023-01-03T00:56:36+11:00

Lintel & Arch Bar Replacement

Windows, doors and openings are generally supported by arch bars and lintels—providing integral structural support to a building. But over time, these elements often require replacement or repair, usually due to deterioration, corrosion, rust and/or water damage—which further impacts the architectural and structural integrity of the building.

Given these components are critical in terms of load-bearing, Brick Point Solutions advises that even the slightest crack or bulge be attended to immediately in order to repair the structure and prevent further damage extending to other areas of the building.

At Brick Point Solutions, we provide high quality, efficient lintel bar replacement and arch bar repair services—working to repair, reinforce or replace lintels as required, no matter the material used (including brick, steel bars or angles). We are also able to install cavity flashings which helps to prevent further water damage and corrosion, ensuring that the cavity itself is strong, dry and will stand the test of time. 

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