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The appeal of brick homes and buildings lies in their innate warmth and beauty, however—as with everything—time can take its toll, causing the mortar that holds each brick together to decay and deteriorate. 

Extrinsic factors such as weather, proximity to the coast and salt damage can exacerbate and accelerate the erosion process, as can water damage which seeps into cracks and subsequently impacts the structural integrity of your building.

In this scenario, it’s essential to take immediate action to repair and restore your mortar—and the good news is, this can be done effectively with a simple process known as brick pointing. 

Brick pointing involves removing old or deteriorated mortar and replacing it with new. At Brick Point Solutions in Sydney we engage highly skilled and proficient craftsmen to ensure this process is undertaken correctly—utilising custom mortar that has been specifically formulated to match your existing mortar seamlessly and provide as much (if not more!) strength as when the original mortar was first laid. This part of the process is vital as colour matching your mortar can affect the value of your property, as can ensuring that the original joint profiles are also matched perfectly.

As part of the process, we will also attend to any bricks or brick vents that require restoring or replacing—again, matching these as closely to your existing bricks as possible. 

At Brick Point Solutions, we have over 20 years of experience in this craft and are dedicated to delivering high quality workmanship that respects the integrity and character of your building.

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