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Brick Point Solutions Sydney

Home Owners Warranty Insurance Builder

Delivering expert craftmanship and secure results—Based in Sydney Brick Point Solutions ensures the most important features of your home are taken care of. 

Over time, brickwork and stone work can deteriorate, decay, corrode and impact the structural integrity of your home or building—leading to aesthetic discrepancies and ultimately, safety issues. But at Brick Point Solutions in Sydney, we specialise in providing expert remedial and repointing services to protect, preserve, repair and refresh your building and save it from issues with lintels, sagging roofs, and structural collapse may result from neglect.

Brickwork Repointing presents a cost-effective and practical solution for reviving the appearance and resilience of your brickwork.

Our team of skilled tradespeople at Brick Point Solutions in Sydney can execute a comprehensive brickwork repointing overhaul by replacing damaged bricks and corroded lintels, and reestablishing the mortar joints, while an acid clean of the brickwork can restore your home’s former charm.

Brickwork repointing is a labor-intensive and dusty task that few individuals enjoy, leading to lesser-skilled workers cutting corners by not sufficiently raking out the joints or properly filling them. Such hasty repairs are of subpar quality and require premature replacement.

The Repoint method addresses these brickwork repointing challenges through cutting-edge technology, specialized equipment, and highly trained personnel.

Our materials are specifically engineered to match and even surpass the strength and aesthetics of your original mortar.

Repointing with Brick Point solutions also offers a water-repellent application service designed for buildings exposed to extreme weather conditions, safeguarding your walls from water infiltration.

Connect with Sydney’s Brickwork Repointing Experts

When considering brickwork repointing and repairs, Brick point solutions delivers unparalleled solutions. We take pride in our status as Sydney’s premier brickwork repointing specialists, committed to providing a full spectrum of tuck pointing, brick repointing, brickwork repair, and sealing solutions that combine value and exceptional quality.

Each finished product is guaranteed to:

  • Increase an asset’s structural integrity
  • Increase an asset’s refinement
  • Increase an asset’s financial value
  • Help prevent future repairs and costs

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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