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One of the most common problems facing many domestics and buildings are decaying mortar joints exposed between bricks. Fretting, bowed, and loose brickwork can occur in many structure and eventually cause visible cracks in the joints. Different structures are affected for a variety of reasons; however, the general root of most decay problems is natural weather and poor quality cement in the mortar mix.

At the first signs of cracks appearing in joints, water can also start to make its way into the joints cause erosion, crumbling, and sometimes a collapsing structure.

Brick pointing is the skilled craft that replaces these joins whilst matching each brick’s colour and textures, using Brick Point Solutions specially formulated mortar. This process not only enhances each foundation’s structural integrity, bust also creates a fresh and elegant finish as if the bricks were recently laid. Brick Point Solutions will also source and replace any damaged bricks and brick vents in necessary circumstances, making sure the look is tailored to your abode.

A very common issue Brick Point Solutions sees in Sydney is salt erosion. Salt from the air will stick to the brick’s surface and mortar and slowly erode them away over time, particularly an issue for any seaside suburbs. Brick Point Solutions will also add a water protectant to its brickwork to slow the damage and deterioration of salt keeping your structure intact for as long as possible.


Tuck pointing is a decorative technique applied to brick mortar joints especially popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The style uses pencil thin, white or black, mortar joints, and is commonly used to create a heritage or historical look and feel in a home.

Tuck pointing is an artform that takes time and skill and Brick Point Solutions are highly adept at this process. The stunning results will often increase the value of your historical home or structure, whilst also adding a dramatic effect to an abode. If your structure has any uneven or irregular shaped bricks tuck pointing is also an effective method to mask this, and create a smooth and even surface.

Before the bricks are repointed they are cleaned and made to look as fresh as if they had been recently laid. Tuck pointing involves two contrasting mortars to accomplish the look. The base mortar is matched to the brick’s colour to hide any irregularities, with the second layer creating a beautiful fine, white joint (tuck) between the bricks. Brick Point Solutions also offer black tuck pointing which creates a delicate black tuck, depending on personal preference.

Brick Point Solutions make sure each repair is specifically tailored to the structure in order to match and and enhance the base brickwork. The process will also serve to only further protect your brickwork and extend the life in their mortar joints. Tuck pointing repairs can be made as an optional addition for various structures after they have been repaired with Brick Point Solutions services, or as a service on its own.


Sydney is home to many historical stone structures and abodes that borrow from a variety of styles and building approaches. To maintain their aesthetic and structural integrity it is important that any repairs are made with a detailed knowledge of heritage stone construction. Brick Point Solutions are highly skilled in historical and heritage repairs and have the vast technical knowledge in stone pointing to address a wide array of structural concerns.

Similar to brick pointing, stone pointing removes and replaces the loose and decaying mortar between stones using Brick Point Solutions specially formulated mortar. Brick Point Solutions will make sure to analyse and respect the original building and masonry of a stone structure, to make sure it’s historic appearance is extended and conserved. This evaluation will also help to inform a replacement mortar to maintain the structure’s strength. Brick Point Solutions will always aim to replace mortar with a formula as similar as possible to the original structure’s in order to maintain a historical aesthetic and structural sustainability.

A common problem also facing stone structures is stone discolouration, especially prevalent in external surfaces. Normally caused by weather and various fungi, Brick Point Solutions will also clean each stone and apply a finish that restores their original colour and freshness.


Archbars and lintels support the masonry above and around doors and windows on a structure’s interior and exterior. Some of the most important elements of any structure, decay in these load bearing areas can quickly become unsafe.

A common issue seen in archbar brickwork is rust, which causes holes and cracks to appear and creates a winch-like movement on the structure itself. Water often finds its way into these cracks, only causing further damage to the area. Repairs become absolutely necessary when the brickwork around the doors and windows begins to lift due to the expanding lintel, creating an unattractive bulge. Any deterioration in this area of a structure can quickly spread to the surrounding brickwork, creating an unsafe structure. If cracks are starting to appear above a lintel then a replacement is of the utmost urgency.

Brick Point Solutions can advise and replace any lintel or archbar damage and also install a cavity flashing to reduce any future wet weather damage. The process can quickly become expensive and Brick Point Solutions are able to offer professional and efficient services in this regard. Whether your structure has arches or steel bars and angles, Brick Point Solutions are able to replace any corroded or damaged archbars and lintels to the highest quality. All repairs are made to minimise future corrosion and to ensure the surrounding structure’s brickwork is preserved and enhanced.


Brick Fences are a fantastic way to add a stately look and feel to your abode or to create a tasteful barrier. Brick Point Solutions are available for advice and repairs on any style of brick fences and are also able to build in a variety of styles from the simple to the elaborately crafted.


A beautiful focal point to any room, fireplaces add character and a point of difference in many abodes.Brick Point Solutions are also able to build fireplaces in a selection of styles, from the more basic to artistically inclined, and are available for advice and quoting in this area.

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